Domestic Oil Tanks
Each steel fuel storage tank manufactured by Bursey Manufacturing Inc. is warranted as follows following the date of installation:
Workmanship Warranty
Outdoor Installation:
End or Top 12 gauge – 2.5mm 8 years
Bottom 12 gauge – 2.5mm 10 years
Indoor Installation:
End or Top 12 gauge – 2.5mm 10 years
Bottom 12 gauge – 2.5mm 12 years
Warranty conditions:
This warranty is valid only for tanks that have been installed and maintained in complete accordance with the regulations and manufacturers requirements, available from BMI or place of purchase. BMI recommends indoor installation when possible. Warranty applies to original purchaser and subsequent transferees only while the tank remains at the original site of installation. All tanks must be installed by a qualified contractor/installer or warranty is void.

The obligation under this warranty is limited to repair of the faulty tank, or to a new replacement tank of the same type. All replacement tanks will be warranted for the remaining portion of the warranty period on the original tank. Warranty claim is subject to inspection of the tank by the manufacturer. Any labour, material, freight and/or handling charges associated with any repair or replacement are not covered by this warranty and will be owners’ responsibility.

Tank must not be modified, neglected, altered, tampered with, vandalized, abused, misused, subjected to accident, fire, flood, or any other casualty. BMI will not be responsible, accountable, nor will accept any liability whatsoever for (a) environmental damage, loss, or clean-up costs (b) damages caused by operating the tank where corrosive elements have been introduced and allowed to reside inside the tanks such as water, chlorine, fluorine, or any other damaging chemicals (c) damages caused by failing to provide proper maintenance to the tank (d) damages resulting from faulty installation or application.

In establishing installation date for any purpose, proof of the original installation date must be presented (ie. installers receipt or tank purchase receipt), otherwise effective date will be based upon the date of tank manufacture, plus thirty (30) days.