Above Ground Tanks

All aboveground storage tanks are warranted against failures due to defective workmanship for a period of 10 years.


This warranty is valid only for tanks that have been installed and maintained in complete accordance with the regulations and manufacturers requirements. Installation and maintenance instructions are available from BMI, and on their website. Maintenance is a condition of the warranty; therefore any tank requiring warranty work may be required to provide proof of maintenance as per the manufacturers instructions. The obligation under this warranty is limited to repair of the tank or replacement as deemed necessary by BMI. 


Double Wall tanks require a regular maintenance check on the vacuum gauge and vacuum gauge reading. Any problems arising from the loss of vacuum due to a defect in the apparatus will be covered by BMI for a period of 6 months. Shipping and handling of the tank will be at the owner’s expense if it’s required, and/or any travel costs to and from tank location, lodging etc., will be at the owner expense if we have to travel to site to replace vacuum gauge apparatus. A vacuum loss resulting from other conditions beyond the manufacturers control will not be covered; i.e. a vacuum loss due to mishandling during shipment, tampering with the apparatus, etc. After the warranty period, vacuum related problems will be at the owner’s expense.


There are some exceptions to the above noted warranties. Warranties will be null and void due to tampering, vandalism, neglect, etc. and BMI has the right to refuse warranty due to these conditions.